Let’s Cleanse and Detox



What does it mean to cleanse or detox? To cleanse means to treat (the body or an organ) with a regimen intended to remove impurities and promote health. For example, I drank vegetable and fruit juice for a week to cleanse my digestive system. I believe we all know of some sort of cleansing regimen or have used a cleanse to rid our bodies of impurities or toxins. However, I cannot say one cleanse or detox regiment is better than another since the ingredients in one cleanse may work well for one individual but not so well for another. Our bodies are different and will require different cleansing regimens. What I do know is cleansing is good for your physical and emotional well-being. While cleansing rids the body of toxins or impurities, it clears the mind and sharpens your concentration.

sunshineherbs-aloeTraditional Chinese medicine will recommend that you cleanse your body with the change of season: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Every season correlates to different “elements” or organ systems in the body. For example, winter correlates with the water element and the kidneys or bladder system. From a Western naturopathic perspective, cold weather can put stress on your adrenal and thyroid glands, which tends to make the blood more acidic and causes a buildup of lactic acid. This can lead to sluggishness, muscle and joint pain, and arthritis.1  My acupuncturist recently explained to me the importance of cleansing with the change of season. This means we should try to cleanse at least four times a year.fruitsandvegetablesnaturessunshine

A cleanse can last for as many days as you like, providing you are well and under a physician’s care. The longest that I have cleansed is ten days. I usually have reached my desired results within ten days. The mental clarity that I gain from cleansing is phenomenal. Just remember to gradually start and end your cleanse. In other words, start removing meat, fish or heavy foods from your diet. Next, you can remove lentils, vegetables and fruit. You should not consume any processed food. Within three to five days, your body should be prepared to only receive a liquid diet of juice or broth. And, when you resume to your normal diet you should gradually add food starting with fruits, vegetables, lentils, fish, and meat. You see, a cleanse could last about 20 days when you consider the preparation time. You do not have to do a liquid only cleanse—that is what I do. Click on this link for a 7-day detox plan that you may find helpful. This is just an example of a detox or cleanse. Try different cleanse regimens until you find the one that works for you.2

Our bodies already have its own detox system and there’s no need to spend on expensive treatments and products. A better and more sustainable investment in your #health would be to eat more natural foods, cut back on sugar, salt, additives, caffeine and alcohol and follow the 80/20 rule of sticking to a healthy diet most the time and allowing yourself the occasional treat.3


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